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Our Services
  • Document Translation
  • Interpretation services for conferences and meetings
  • Preparing Company Formation Agreements
  • Business Setup and PRO Services
  • Attestation Services UAE
  • Websites Localization.

All our translators are duly authorized and certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice, so you can rely upon us in translating Driving Licenses, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Degree Certificates, Diploma Certificates, Transcripts, Experience Certificates, Sick leave Certificates, Death & Divorce Certificates, NOCs, Powers of Attorney and all kinds of Affidavits, contracts and agreements.

This translation service includes the subject of laws and regulations, court judgments, legal writings, briefs, powers of attorney, contracts, statements and patent applications.

  • All kinds of Legal Documents
  • Legal Correspondence
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Laws and Legislations
  • Legal Contracts
  • Notices
  • Memoranda of Understanding
  • Articles and Memoranda of Association
  • Police Reports
  • Court Judgments
  • Marriage, Birth and Divorce Certificates
  • Undertakings, Affidavits and Statements, etc.
  • All kinds of Commercial Documents
  • Commercial Registration, & Customs Documents
  • Licenses, Export/Import Certificates
  • Feasibility Studies / Reports
  • Foreign Trade Documents
  • Invoices/Pro Forma Invoices
  • Financial Statements
  • Tenders/Bids/Specifications
  • Agreements
  • Investment and Growth Reports
  • Insurance Policies
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Protocols
  • Correspondence
  • Equity Capital Research etc.
  • All kinds of Medical Documents, Texts
  • Medical Reports
  • Clinical Reports
  • Analytical Results

We provide a full range of language services to the financial industry. We evaluate our linguists on an on-going basis to ensure we are using the best translators in the financial field.

  • Accounting and auditing documents
  • Annual reports
  • Bids and proposals
  • Consumer messages and statements
  • Corporate communications
  • Data sheets
  • Financial and tax statements
  • Insurance
  • Leasing/lending documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Press releases
  • Publications and reports

We have the experience in translation and localization of websites by our professional translators. We offer a comprehensive service, tailored to your requirements and commercial objectives. We have the breadth of knowledge to offer you the foreign language you need, and the depth of knowledge to make sure you get the quality you require.

An expert project manager from our team will look after your job from receipt through to delivery, giving you peace of mind. Our experience ensures you receive first-class, stylish translation on time and on budget.

Our other services are miscellaneous, including:

Interpretation refers to the service of vocally interpreting the speaker who speaks a different language into a language that the audience understands and vice versa. Index Translation interpreters can interpret speakers in most of the international languages to the language that the audience or listeners understand.

The choice of the correct business entity is one of the most important decisions an individual must make. It has a significant impact on income tax liability, business continuity, and the legal liability exposure of the business and its owners. Index Translation works closely with business owners and entrepreneurs in the formation of a new business.

Preparing company formation contracts (L.L.C. Contracts, Foreign Company Agreements, Company Sale Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements), Powers of Attorney, etc

Drafting and translating powers of attorney, articles and memorandum of associations.

When you register your company you need:

* 'articles of association' - a legal statement signed by all initial shareholders agreeing to form the company

* a 'memorandum of association' - written rules about running the company agreed by the shareholders, directors and the company secretary. Kindly contact us to get your power of attorney, articles and memorandums of associations drafted, translated and ready to be notarized by the notary public.

Index Legal Translation is well known business consultancy which is provide reliable PRO Services in UAE. People around the world are keen to setup businesses overseas which is why we are providing complete business solutions.

All documents and certificates issued by foreign countries which you plan to use in the United Arab Emirates require attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies in home countries.. Documents duly attested by the UAE embassy are deemed as authentic by the government of the land and are accepted by all government departments and major business establishment. INDEX help you in obtaining attestation for all your certificates and documents to be used in the UAE. Backed with years of experience in attesting and clearing documents, we guarantee clearing all your business-related and personal documents in the shortest possible time.

We have designed an intelligent project management cycle to ensure our projects are always right on track. Index project managers act like a glue attaching the team members responsible in every project. This ensures understanding and healthy communication between the team members and prevents disasters from happening.

Here is a typical translation project cycle for your review:

  • PM defines the project.
  • PM initiates the project by selecting the best translator (or team of translators) for the project at hand. Selection is based on a check list.
  • PM assigns the project to the translator.
  • PM does necessary follow ups to ensure the project is right on track.
  • PM receives the product from the translator.
  • PM sends the product to the Quality Assurance Team.
  • Quality assurance team goes through a check list making changes on the file where necessary and fills out a report form.
  • PM delivers the final product to the client and follows up to ensure customer satisfaction.